About This Blog

This blog is associated with the book  The Computer: A Very Short Introduction published by Oxford University Press. Since computing moves very quickly I have developed it so that the reader of the book can be informed of new material and access material relevant to each chapter.

Above this text you will find links to pages that are associated with each of the chapters. Each page features a summary of the chapter. Also, within each page you will find links that allow you to explore some web sites relevant to that chapter. You will also find blog entries that describe new material that has emerged since the book went to press. Each of these blog entries is duplicated in the page ‘Posts’ whose link appears above, you can also access the posts by clicking here. This page contains each blog post listed in time order with the most recent first. There are a number of links to books in Amazon; it is worth saying that I am not an Amazon affiliate and I make no money if you buy them through the link.

If you want to be informed of any new blog posts then click the box underneath that is labelled ‘Notify me of new posts by email’.

Please feel free to comment on any post or the book generally; particularly if you have any questions. I would appreciate it if you would post questions on the page Questions and Answers as a comment. There is also a link to the page at the top of each of the pages. I will be accessing this blog every few days so you should get a reply fairly quickly. If you find a link in this site that is dead please let me know as well.



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