In the time that this book was submitted for publication netbooks have moved on. Some still feature what is known as solid state discs (SSD), here’s a recently announced model and here is a netbook (marketed as a Chromebook) that has a close relationship with the cloud idea that I describe in Chapter 7; many, though, now feature conventional hard disks. This is because manufacturers are probably trying to orient them toward their being seen as mini-laptops. One trend, however, is that solid state prices are coming down to the point where it is becoming feasible to take your hard disk out of a laptop, or even desktop, and replace it with a solid state drive. Here’s an example of this. Prices are bound to drop considerably over the next few years: computing moves very fast. The current generation of tablet computers employ solid state memories for data, video clips, programs and MP3 clips. Here’s an example of a computer that combines both tablet and netbook hardware.


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