Thirty Computers?

In the book I describe the fact that the average home will contain 30 computers. I decided to test this out. Until recently my wife, myself, my two daughters and my son lived at the house. I guess that makes us averageish.  Here’s the count of computers: MP3 players (4), laptops(5), burglar alarm(1), TVs(2), Sky boxes(2), oven (1), central heating controller(1), iPad(1),  Android tablet(1), mobile phones (5), DVD players (2), digital radios(2), normal phones(2), sound synthesiser for my Akai Wind Synthesiser(1), printer(1) and digital clock(1). This makes 32. Recently all my children left (in the same week) a cataclysmic change in our life; I actually miss my youngest daughter telling me off. This would reduce the number to 25.


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