Android Phone Sales Up – The Implications

I came across this fascinating article by Charles Arthur today. It describes a recent survey that shows that Android smartphone sales are booming in the UK. It shows a rapid increase in Android sales, a slower increase in Blackberry sales and a marked decrease in iPhone sales (Disclosure: I own an Android phone, an IPad 1 and a Motorola Xoom). As I have pointed out in a previous blog such figures are not only significant for the mobile phone industry, but have a knock-on effect in terms of tablets that are based on the operating system used in the phone, for example the iPad based on the iPhone iOS system and tablets such as the Motorola Xoom based on the Android system.  What is also interesting is that many of the comments below the article are very informed and some impinge on the issues of closed and open systems that I mention in connection with the writings of Jonathan Zittrain. I suspect that it will be a critical two years for Apple following Steve Jobs’ death and publication of figures such as this.


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