The Instantaneous Amazon Review

In Chapter 7, a chapter that describes the cloud computing concept, I described how work carried out by Ward Cunningham revolutionised the way that we interacted with each other using the Internet. In the text I described an innovation in feedback where, in the early days, Amazon took reviews of books and then published them after they were examined by an editor for adherence to Amazon’s ground rules, for example those forbidding profanity. Here there was a time delay; this, I suspect, was partly due to the examination of the posts and partly for technical reasons as the concept of a wiki was not around then.

I wrote a review of a book yesterday that I particularly liked and, to my surprise, it appeared almost instantaneously.  I’m still wondering what is happening here. I suspect that a combination of wiki-type technologies and text processing technologies are being used, where text processing program code is being used to monitor a review; if it passes the Amazon code it is published: if it doesn’t pass muster then it is intercepted by an editor who examines it and either passes it or rejects it.


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