As part of the process of delivering the book to the publisher I was asked to create a series of questions for reading groups. Even if you are not part of such a group they might get you thinking about the computer.

  • What would you do to bring some order into science given the potential chaos the computer can cause?
  • Do you think it inevitable that the computer will become just another domestic device?
  • How do you think bookshops can compete with online sellers such as Amazon?
  • How do you think that music stores can compete with companies that enable you to download from the Internet?
  • Do you think the author has missed any other security precautions for home computing?
  • The Times has put a pay-wall between itself and its readers. This means that in order to read the newspaper on the web you need to pay for its online edition. Other newspapers have not. Do you think the Times action will be successful.
  • Think of some potential uses of computers for the elderly
  • Can you think of some health applications that can be implemented on a device such as an iPhone?
  • Does the long tail thesis that is described in the book ring true to you?
  • Can you think of some uses for a wiki?
  • Can you think of some novel uses for Twitter?
  • Given the huge amount of digital photographs that are available on the web at a cheap price is there a future for the professional photographer outside weddings?
  • Do you think Jonathan Zittrain’s view of the future is too bleak?
  • What do you think the home computer will look like and do in a decade’s time?

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