One of the major trends over the last few years is that of the convergence between the computer, the MP3 player and the mobile phone. An example of this is given in the book of the use of medical programs using the iPhone. For example, if you look at the facilities provided by a smart phone and an MP3 player there is quite a degree of overlap. This should continue over the next few years with the standardisation of operating systems. One particular example of this is the Android operating system that is embedded within phones and small computers known as tablets. The latter are a cut-down version of a computer and offer the user the ability to carry out tasks such as emailing, browsing, keeping contacts and maintaining a calendar. We are approaching the day when there will be little difference between the mobile phone and the computer apart, of course, from size. This is an interesting article on convergence from Forbes Magazine. Its four years old but there are still some interesting things in it. Here’s a more recent article.


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