Another Scam

Came across another variant of the bank account scam today. My daughter is selling her car and has advertised it on the Internet. She got this email (I have not corrected it).

Thanks for the mail and update ,Am really interested in the purchasing it from you and the prices well okay with me,My mode of payment will be informed of bank to bank transfer ?If you  will accept that i will call my bank account officer so that he can remitted the money into your account ,Once you confirmed the money into your account then arrangment will be made for the shipping company for the pick of the car in your premises to my destination .I will be hoping to read back from you so as to preceed further on this sells.

Kindly write back and let me know if you will accept direct bank transfer to your account ?

A clear scam: request for bank account details, eccentric phrasing and punctuation, the use of a shipping company who would charge much more than the car was worth and the remarkable fact that the buyer was not interested in seeing or driving the car. Its the equivalent to the burglar turning up with a striped jumper, eye-mask and bag marked ‘swag’.

It’s a dodgy world out there. The golden rule described in the book is ‘Never give your bank details away’.


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